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One of the world’s most pressing crises is the long-running conflict between Israel and Palestine, which is one of the major issues of the world, the result of this ongoing conflict between these two countries, the people of both countries have to suffer because this conflict is political and historical. But at the same time, it is also cultural, which is why it is becoming very difficult to understand this issue. Through this article, we will also assess its situation and try to think about every possible solution, although we are not experts in this subject. But it is our social responsibility to keep our views and suggestions on this subject.

Historical Background

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine can be traced back to the time when Jews immigrated to Palestine in the late 1800s, when it was under Turkish rule, until 1917 when the British government issued the Balfour Declaration. In which the Jews were promised by the British that they would build a separate country for them, and after this promise, the immigration of the Jews increased, which also increased the tension between the Jews and the Arabs.

In 1947, the United Nations declared voting for Palestine in two different parts, which separate state for Jews and a separate state for Arab people, Jews accepted this proposal but Arabs came down on its opposition, now both There was a situation of conflict between the groups and heavy violence took place on both sides, meanwhile, in 1948, Israel declared itself an independent nation, due to which many Arab countries together attacked Israel, but unexpectedly Israel won the war. Due to this hundreds of Palestinians were forced to leave their homes and lands and get displaced.

Current Situation

The conflict has been marked by cycles of violence, with both sides engaging in terrorism, rocket attacks, and military operations. The international community has attempted to mediate peace talks, but so far, these efforts have been unsuccessful.

In today’s time, when Gaza Strip and West Bank are occupied by Israel, which is inhabited by hundreds of Palestinians, there is poverty, unemployment, and even a lack of basic facilities, the situation there is really pathetic, and both sides have their own opinion on this issue. Arguments are that Israel believes that it has every right to protect itself and to keep its borders safe and while the Palestinians say that they have an irreplaceable right to make their own decisions and their independence, now this issue is complicated to such an extent that Both the sides are adamant on their respective arguments and the struggle continues.

Possible Solutions

It is really a difficult task to solve this issue and stop this conflict because both sides of Palestine and Israel have their own arguments and both sides are determined to continue this conflict considering themselves as victims, yet in our understanding, there is something there are possible solutions which we discuss further.

One-State Solution

Here a solution is suggested that Israel and Palestine should be merged into a single country where both the communities should have a government of representatives of Jews and Palestinians, where both the communities get equal rights, under the new constitution, both the communities together form a new nation, The opposition to this is mainly from the Israeli citizens, who believe that due to this arrangement, the identity of the Jews will be weakened and other communities which are in many different countries will increase their supremacy, that is why a large proportion of the Jews are not in favor of this solution.

Two-State Solution

A solution can also be that the two states should remain separate, which is already being discussed for a long time, despite the many previous peace talks, no agreement could be reached that the two states should remain separate, but on this, the Israelis are constantly The expansion of their settlements towards the West Bank negates all this possibility and becomes the reason for the mutual confrontation, due to which the situation of continuous conflict remains.

Regional Solution

There can also be scope for a regional solution if Israel, Palestine, and all the countries bordering it together form an organization that will work on strengthening the economic and social structure of this whole region and making this region peaceful in which all the countries cooperate. And forgetting mutual estrangement, work on strengthening your respective states and empowering the whole region.

Other Possible Solutions

Another solution is also possible, if both states bypass their respective egos, the disputed area between the two states, with the suggestion of both Israel and Palestine, together with any foreign organization that takes care of the interests of both states equally. If he is appointed as an administrative officer and if the army is minimized from the border of both states, then it may be possible that this dispute can be put to an end.


In conclusion, the conflict between Israel and Palestine is a complex issue that requires a long-term solution. It is essential to consider all possible solutions and work towards peace and cooperation for the betterment of both communities.


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