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Sanjay Rai Sherpuria: The Man with Unusual Proximity to Power

Sanjay Rai Sherpuria, a resident of Delhi’s Race Course area, has been making headlines for his alleged involvement in fraudulent activities. With his office located in close proximity to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Sherpuria’s reach in political circles has raised eyebrows. His Facebook profile, filled with pictures of him with senior leaders of the BJP, further adds to the intrigue. In this article, we will delve deeper into the life and alleged crimes of Sanjay Rai Sherpuria.

Who is Sanjay Rai Sherpuria?

Sanjay Rai Sherpuria is a businessman and author who has made a name for himself in the business world. His articles are regularly published in a leading newspaper every Sunday, and his book, Divyadarshi Modi, written on Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, was released in Prayag Raj. The book launch was a grand affair, attended by Lord Shankaracharya Jyotirmath’s mahants and other important people. Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat himself had come for the release of another book.

Unusual Proximity to Power

Sanjay Rai Sherpuria’s proximity to power is unusual, to say the least. His office is located in the vicinity of the PMO, and some people have even claimed that he uses the PMO’s WiFi, which is not possible due to security reasons. It is also possible that the PMO used the WiFi to make its influence the people by naming it WiFi.

Allegations and Arrest by UP STF

Recently, Sanjay Rai Sherpuria was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) for his alleged involvement in fraudulent activities. The fact that UP is ruled by the BJP makes his arrest all the more important and unusual from a political perspective. Despite his closeness to the party, his alleged crimes were serious enough to warrant his arrest.

Scams and Frauds

Sanjay Rai Sherpuria’s alleged involvement in scams and frauds has brought his reputation into question. It is not clear whether he has been involved in such acts for years, or whether he has just recently started engaging in such activities. It is also unclear why no agency had come to the knowledge of his alleged activities earlier, given his high profile in political and business circles.

Role of Agencies

The role of agencies in monitoring individuals like Sanjay Rai Sherpuria is crucial. Individuals constantly displaying their proximity to the government or ministers on social media, and allegedly engaging in fraudulent activities, need to be monitored closely. It is important to prevent such individuals from tarnishing the reputation of the government and defrauding people.

Other Similar Cases

Sanjay Rai Sherpuria is not the only individual who has used his proximity to the government to further his interests. There are other individuals like Kiran Patel, who sometimes go to sensitive places like Jammu and Kashmir and get Z security and many military officers of Wajan. There is also Balesh Dhankar, who lives in Australia and sexually exploits Korean women on the pretext of giving them jobs by showing proximity to the Indian government.


The case of Sanjay Rai Sherpuria raises important questions about the role of agencies in preventing individuals from using their proximity to the government for personal gain. It also highlights the need to monitor individuals constantly displaying their closeness to the government on social media. While the allegations against Sanjay Rai Sherpuria are yet to be proven, his arrest by the UP STF indicates that the authorities are taking these matters seriously.

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